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Your Coffee Shop Offering: Trends for 2018
Team Offbeat | 30 Jan

From Kombucha tea to mushroom coffee, we check out the latest trends and consider how you can introduce them into your coffee shop offering.

Healthy Options

Fresh, healthy coffee beverages continue to increase in popularity with nut and seed based milk alternatives alongside raw ingredients such as honey and cacao at the forefront. Fermented tea, ‘Kombucha’ is also being favoured for its probiotic benefits. The tart yet sweet flavoured tea dates back more than 2,000 years to China with popularity increasing in the West in the last decade.

Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom-infused coffee is being hailed as the latest health food trend! Whilst coffee is said to boost metabolism, lower the risk of depression and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, there are also some negative side effects associated with it. The Finnish makers of mushroom coffee, ‘Four Sigmatic’, claim their mushroom blend provides all the positives of caffeine without the side effects of insomnia and anxiety. They claim the blend can help to regulate blood sugar levels as well as counteract the acid effects of coffee that can cause stomach upsets. Get involved and introduce some mushroom magic into your offering!

Coffee Shakes

Thirteen to eighteen year olds are currently the fastest growing demographic of coffee drinkers. As a result, the coffee industry is evolving to accommodate and appeal to the tastes of this younger generation. The demand for a larger selection of sweet coffee drinks is increasing with younger generations favouring sweeter and creamier beverages. To meet the demands of this growing market, coffee shops should explore offering a larger selection of coffee shakes and smoothies.  Think Costa’s ‘Coconut Vanilla Latte’ or Starbucks’ ‘Chai Cream Frappuccino’.

Direct Trade Coffee

2018 will see coffee drinkers moving more and more towards higher quality, gourmet coffee. Direct trade coffee is a way of guaranteeing high quality, better tasting coffee. It is a process of purchasing coffee that cuts out the middleman between producer and coffee shop. This system is beneficial for both the producer who gets a larger cut of the profit as well as for the coffee shop that gets fresher coffee beans – it’s a win-win situation!

Stay up-to-date with the latest coffee trends to remain competitive and to keep your customers coming back for more!

By Charlotte Anderson

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