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Your Coffee Shop Offering: Let’s Get Festive!
Team Offbeat | 06 Nov

Looking for a great promotional idea for your coffee shop this festive season? Look no further. Guarantee a unique customer experience this Christmas by implementing just a few seasonal specials.

Seasonal and Local

Seasonal and local produce are increasingly in demand. Support and promote your collaboration with local suppliers, producers, farmers and artisans to gain customer respect to strengthen relationships and to encourage regular business. Seasonal Christmas gifts available to purchase in store can help to create a unique selling point. Customised hampers made from locally-sourced, artisan produce can make really special and thoughtful gifts.

Limited Edition

Frequently customers are looking for a niche and exclusive offering when considering where to dine. By no means a new concept, the ‘limited edition tactic’ is a guaranteed way to increase profits. Research shows that limited quantities of a product can lead to more impulsive purchasing due to fear of missing out. By implementing a limited-time only menu, you can create the perception of exclusivity and hype around your coffee shop or restaurant.

Millennials and Social Media

The millennial market, especially, love a unique and exciting dining experience and are more open to trying new products. With unlimited access to the world via their smartphone, adopting a festive menu can gain you a competitive edge by providing a world of Insta-worthy, foodie-selfie opportunities. Make sure that your interior sparkles just as brightly as your festive food to encourage millennials to share their photos on social media. Your online presence and ultimately your bottom line will blossom.

It’s time to start getting in the festive spirit and to capitalise on sales. Use this opportunity and take advantage of busy customer lifestyles and the popular food-to-go market by adding a range of festive takeaway offerings such as brandy-butter popcorn, spiced gingerbread men, and Christmas club sandwiches. I’ll have an Eggnog Latte please!

By Charlotte Anderson

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