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Why Your Coffee Shop or Restaurant Name Matters
| 07 Mar

Your coffee shop or restaurant name is an important foundation stone to building a strong brand. Below we take a look at what makes a great business name and how it can affect your brand reputation.

1) First Impressions Count

With access to online reviews, photographs and social media, consumers are quick to make judgement on establishments before even stepping foot inside. Your name and overall visual identity is your opportunity to make that great first impression. This initial interaction between your brand and the consumer is important and can prompt the start of a positive and loyal relationship.

First impressions can last a lifetime and are not as easy to change, so think twice before choosing a name and ask the question “Does this reflect my business values, story and personality?”.

2) What Does Your Name Mean?

Your coffee shop or restaurant’s name should reflect your brand positioning and be appropriate to your intended target market. Names can take inspiration from the style of cuisine, history, geography or even a personal memory. However, it is crucial to consider your consumer’s perspective.

A successful name is memorable and easy to pronounce. It will also differentiate you from your competitors and, most of all, communicate what it is that you are offering.

3) How Your Name Influences Your Brand

Your business name will have influence on the visual identity of your brand including the logo design, artwork and colour palette, all the way through to your interior design. Good branding will channel the qualities of your business, communicate your offering and tell your brand story. Consistency will strengthen your brand reputation and help to build brand equity and loyalty.

By Dawood Pathan

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