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Why Your Business Strategy Needs Design
| 08 Feb

Despite playing an integral role in the success of the world’s biggest brands, independents can often underestimate and overlook the power of good design. Here are 4 key points to simplify and focus your business strategy, with a strong consideration to design: 

1) The Power of the Brief

Design is more than just the aesthetics of a business and delves deeper into the heart of the company. Design includes establishing the core values of an organization and producing a tangible business strategy to connect to consumers and employees on a more emotional and personal level. Embedding design within your business can help to iron out complex problems with simple yet effective solutions.

2) Create an Experience

We’re living in a time where businesses are constantly scrutinised – whether you’re a food and drink establishment or a retail park. Customers are quick to share their experiences through all types of mediums and so it is not enough to focus or rely solely on one platform to connect with them.

As a brand you need to do more than just spout about what makes you great. Demonstrating your brand through experiences and actions will be more effective to create a desire and growth for your business. Consider this across all of your platforms.

3) Design for Demand

As a brand it is crucial to adapt your business strategy to current consumer trends to successfully reach your target market. Today’s consumer is immersed in engaging technologies and visual language, resulting in shorter attention spans and increased competition. Considering this, brands need to adjust their strategies to become more fluid and adaptable. Think of Instagram and their latest release of Instagram Live to allow its users to capture and share in the spur of the moment.

4) Simplicity

Keep your business strategy simple to effectively channel your brand ethos and mission. Brands like Nike use simple design language and strong visual content to get their brand noticed. The result is a long-lasting emotional bond between brand and consumer.

Brands have an abundance of tools to play with to engage and to reach out to their target market, but it is about choosing the right mediums to successfully represent your brand mission and ethos.

By Dawood Pathan

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