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Why You Need a Brand Advocate
| 18 Oct

A brand advocate is someone who enjoys your product or service and is willing to tell others about it, whether through word of mouth or social media. Understanding the importance of a brand advocate can help you to improve sales through increased consumer awareness and to attain positive brand growth. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a brand advocate:

1) Build Trust

Consumers are constantly being fed mass-marketing which has become less effective over the years due to a lack of genuine human interaction. Introducing a brand advocate can help to establish a relationship and build trust between your brand and the consumer and can help to assure customers that your service is trustworthy and beneficial to them.

2) Cost-effective

Brand advocates who are passionate about your product or service are willing to take freebies or discounts as a form of payment. In return, advocates will genuinely encourage others to visit your site whether through social media, online reviews or personal blogs.

3) Grow a Reputation

Grabbing the attention of online influencers with thousands or millions of followers can help you to grow a strong online reputation. Online influencers can change the behavior of their followers and inspire people to think differently about a brand, product or service. Advocates with huge followings can increase traffic to your website, improve sales and help you to climb the marketing ranks.

4) Product Knowledge

No one knows your product better than the people who use it and genuinely enjoy it. Having an advocate who can speak about your product to your intended target market will make your brand more appealing and attractive in comparison to a website explaining your services or products.

5) Extend Your Brand Awareness

Brand ambassadors in various countries can help to increase brand awareness despite your business not being physically present. Advocates who may live in different regions can help to introduce your brand to untouched markets, opening the door to a much wider audience.

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