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Why Brand Personality Matters For Your Coffee Shop?
| 16 May

It’s not only about the visual look of a brand. How a brand feels and speaks to its consumer plays a huge role towards the overall brand experience. Below we take a quick look at what is a brand personality and why it’s an important part of your brand identity.

What is a Brand Personality?

A brand personality is the way a brand behaves and speaks. As humans we naturally associate brands with personality traits that can help us to define whether we like or dislike that particular brand.

Brand personalities can influence our behaviour towards a brand’s products and services – from influencing the likelihood of recommending the brand to a friend to affecting our purchasing decisions. Every brand has its own personality, which will be viewed differently by different people.

Each brand aims to exhibit its own unique brand personality to differentiate it from the competition. For example, Starbucks is often associated with the following personality traits:

–        Youthful

–        Hipster

–        Energetic

Whilst Starbucks promotes a fun, youthful image, Caffé Nero comes across as more masculine and mature. Both brands are excellent at what they do but clearly aim to target different markets. They appeal to their unique customer base through their unique brand personality.

Why Does Your Brand Personality matter?

Pushing your brand personality is one of the most effective ways to engage with your target market. Not only will it help to direct your marketing approach but will also contribute to creating a far more memorable coffee shop experience. Everything from the behaviour of your staff through to the style of content and language used across your marketing material and online will help to set the tone of your brand.

Your brand personality is equally as important as your visual identity. Consumers will be attracted to brands that they can connect and associate themselves with.

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By Dawood Pathan

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