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Why Brand Language Matters
| 01 Nov

Brand language is the verbal identity of a business or company and is a powerful way to express who you are and what you do. Although it may seem fairly simple to implement brand language within your business, personality often gets lost and detracts from the effectiveness of your overall brand identity. Here are 3 of the most crucial ways to add personality to your brand language: 

Word choice

Every brand adopts a specific choice of words to market their products and services, illustrating the type of relationship they are looking to establish with their consumers. Lifestyle brands including Apple, tend to use a mixture of carefree and bold language reflecting more casual behaviour whilst upmarket brands make use of positive and aspirational language built around intelligent concepts. Retailers often use language to express generosity or value to encourage consumers to spend more. Artisan brands will focus on using quiet language to translate detail and the quality of their offerings.


The style of language a brand uses should translate what it does and what it stands for, whilst enhancing the visual identity of the brand by how it speaks. Adopting a specific style of language ensures only your brand speaks in that particular way, giving you the advantage to stand out in busy and competitive markets. Dialect should be based upon where your brand positions itself within the market and the type of target audience it wishes to attract.


Every brand has a voice and every voice needs a rhythm. Establishing an appropriate speech pattern is crucial to ensuring your consumers hear your brand’s voice, whether sub-consciously or consciously, when interacting with your services or products. Every sector has its own style of rhythm and speech pattern. Retailers, such as Wilko, often speak with urgency and energy to present opportunity and encourage consumers to spend more. Lifestyle brands will use a more slow-paced and laidback tone, attuned to the mannerisms of their consumers.

Brand language is a significant slice of your brand identity as visuals can often be misinterpreted in other regions or countries where as language can be translated.

By Dawood Pathan

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