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What To Consider In Coffee Shop Design?
| 17 Mar

Your coffee shop space itself is one of your biggest marketing tools and should reflect the same values as your brand identity. Here we cover five of the most important elements to creating a successful coffee shop design:

1) Your Coffee Shop Is Your Theatre

A lot of skill, attention and care is required of the barista to make the perfect cup of coffee. Having a layout design which showcases your barista’s skill is key to educating your consumer and encourages people to try new offerings. Capturing the theatre of coffee-making allows customers and baristas to engage with one another and create a lasting experience.

2) Paint Your Canvas 

Your coffee shop is a canvas for you to graphically communicate with your customers. Graphics can be an extension of your branding and should be visually appealing with a clear purpose. Whether used to share your story or to educate your customers, graphics can be an inexpensive way to enhance your interior design and keep your brand fresh.

3) Enticing Displays

As consumers, we use our senses to help us with decision-making and not just at the front counter.  Attractive visual merchandising that is accessible with simple and legible information can increase profits and persuade customers to make additional purchases.

4) Create an Ambience

Lighting can significantly transform spaces, create different moods and can help to direct the consumer around your space.  Many establishments overlook the versatility of lighting and fail to explore lighting options to enhance the interior design.

5) Where Should We Sit?

Your coffee shop environment needs to be flexible to accommodate to all types of consumer as well as offer a different reason to visit each time. A mix of communal and individual seating arrangements can create spaces suited to the loud and social character as well as to those looking to catch-up on work.

We have over 30 years industry experience creating successful coffee shop and restaurant operations on small and large scales. As well as developing stand-out and working interiors, we also focus heavily on brand identity design to ensure a consistent, well-rounded result. 

By Dawood Pathan

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