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Waste Not, Want Not!
Team Offbeat | 02 Aug

UK restaurants bin approximately 200,000 tonnes of food waste every year! We check out how some of London’s top eateries are getting innovative with left overs.

Nine Lives

Situated in London Bridge, Nine Lives is a zero-waste neighbourhood cocktail bar. Creating original drinks, the bar uses every part of every ingredient. For example, lemon juice, skin and oil are all used in cocktails while the pith is distilled for essential oils and any leftover flesh is composted to help grow herbs. It’s the full circle of life!

Brixton Pound Café

Not only is Brixton Pound a pay-what-you-can community café, it also creates delicious dishes made from surplus food from local producers and businesses.  The vegan and vegetarian café make pickles, jams, sauerkraut and kombucha in-house and serves fresh soups, salads and toasties, promoting sustainability as well as good gut health. Since January 2018, Brixton Pound has saved an impressive 4.8 tonnes of surplus food from landfill, equating to 60kg per week!

The Ledbury

Following dinner at The Ledbury, you may end up taking home more than you had bargained for. The Mayfair restaurant gives customers compost made from the kitchens food waste to take home! Additionally, it has opened its own sustainable and free-range deer parks where animals are fed used grain from local breweries. Probably the most environmentally friendly meat around, The Ledbury is definitely doing its all to tackle sustainability issues. 

The Culpepper

With a stunning rooftop garden, The Culpepper produced approximately 150 kilos of fruit and vegetables in 2018. The fresh ingredients are used across their menu offering and they always have one dish on the menu that is made entirely from home-grown produce. They also repurpose the corks from wine bottles, grinding them down to sprinkle on plants to help them retain water.

With all this sustainable food-for-thought, is it time to reimagine your coffee shop menu with innovative ways to help in the fight against global warming?

By Charlotte Phillips

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