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Use Social Media Influencers to Build Coffee Shop Exposure
| 12 Jan

Gaining exposure for your coffee shop both online and in-store can be hard work, especially in the overcrowded hospitality market. However, by working with influential social media bloggers, you can build exposure and increase your consumer awareness.

1) Jump Up in Search Ranking

Having your coffee shop featured on well-known blogging sites can establish high-quality links to better your search engine ranking and drive traffic. As keyword optimization is not as effective alone as it used to be, working with influential bloggers will help you to gain exposure and better your social status.

2) More In-Store Traffic

Working with the right bloggers who specialise in the hospitality industry can greatly raise your brand’s visibility and awareness. Engaging with influencers who are appropriate and have a relevant target audience will help to drive more traffic to your coffee shop through positive reviews and recommendations.

3) Engage New Target Audiences

Consumers enjoy freebies which is why giveaways and contests are both excellent ways to engage with your audience. Most competitions encourage customers to ‘tag’ multiple friends and share content on their personal social media platforms to increase awareness. Partnering with multiple influential bloggers to share your competitions will greatly multiply the exposure of your coffee shop with a possibility of increasing your customer base.

4) Increase Your Consumer Base

Despite all the help you may have received from influential bloggers, you may need to give your consumers an extra push to draw them away from your competition and towards your brand. Developing enticing discounts and offers may help to convince new customers to try your offerings with the help of social media influencers spreading the word.

5) Build Trust

Building trust between your coffee shop and consumers can be difficult especially if you are new to the area and only just starting up. Despite this, supporting a reputable cause that is relatable to your brand values can help to gain trust within your community and competitors. The coverage of your chosen cause could help to shed light on you as a small business.­

By Dawood Pathan

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