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Top 5 Interior Design Trends For Your Coffee Shop 2019
Team Offbeat | 18 Jan

From warm hues and soft nudes to cool stone and lush greenery, we check out 5 interior design trends that will have your coffee shop looking tip top this year.

  1. Spiced Honey

Dulux’s colour of the year ‘spiced honey’ is a warm and cosy shade of caramel. With woody and cashmere tones, this colour has an inviting and calming effect – the perfect antidote for a fast paced coffee shop or restaurant.

  1. Sustainability

Purchasing behaviour is key to your brand’s sustainable ethos. It’s about awareness of where products come from, how they are made and what processes they have been through. So, the next time you buy that trendy designer lampshade for your coffee shop, spare a minute to consider its eco credentials.

  1. Nature

In a technology driven world, we are seeing a big emphasis on nature – lush greenery, comforting woods and cool stone. Connecting with nature and bringing the outside in is good for physical and mental health. Additionally, the fresh and organic aesthetic is perfect for any coffee shop environment.

  1. Light Wood Floors

With a growing desire for bigger, brighter spaces, pale wood floors can help to make a room appear bigger by reflecting light. Consider light oak, beech or pine flooring to instantly give the impression of spaciousness in your establishment.

  1. Nude

For many years, grey has dominated the neutral interior colour palette. This year, softer, sandy shades of oatmeal and canvas are creeping their way in. These earthy tones can help to suggest a friendly, laidback coffee shop ambience.

In summary, there seems to be a real emphasis on soothing, comforting and natural textures, colours and finishes. Customers want to connect to a more simple, tactile and positive environment as an escape from a technology driven society.

By Charlotte Anderson

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