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The Vegan Food Trend
Team Offbeat | 26 Oct

Veganism is currently the UK’s fastest-growing lifestyle choice with the number of vegans increasing in Britain by 360% in the past 10 years. With Vegan restaurants popping up left, right and centre, we get to grips with this latest trend and consider how your coffee shop can tap into this rapidly growing market.

Health Benefits

The perceived health benefits of a vegan diet are thought to be the main driving force behind the trend. Advocates of veganism claim that the diet is better for reducing cholesterol and blood pressure and can also help to reduce the risk of death from heart disease and cancer. There has also been a huge increase in sales of plant-based dairy product alternatives  with almond and coconut milk flying off the shelves!

Environmental Factors

Additionally, environmental and welfare issues have contributed to the recent surge in veganism. With more transparency in the meat and dairy industries, more people are turning to a vegetable based diet with 22% of UK vegans being Londoners. As a society, we are exceeding the limits of our planets resources due to over-exploitation and rising consumption. Veganism can help make a dent in greenhouse gasses by cutting food-related-CO2 emissions. What better reason is there to support this popular trend?


Once an extreme diet, attitudes towards veganism have significantly changed. Supermarkets are stocking own-brand vegan products and high-street restaurants are offering more vegan options. Pret A Manger opened a vegetarian pop-up in Soho last year which was so popular that it became a permanent addition to their expanding offering. Temple of Seitan – London’s first vegan fast food shop has attracted a constant stream of custom since opening in Hackney in 2015. Set to open a second restaurant in Camden in 2018, swing by to try some seitan – an amazing wheat-like gluten product that’s taken the vegan world by storm!

Considering the significant health and environmental benefits, it seems silly not to tap into this growing market by offering quality vegan produce. By introducing a range of salads, sandwiches and soups featuring lentils, beans and legumes, you’ll have the vegan community wanting more.

By Charlotte Anderson

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