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The Surface Design Show 2019 – Our Highlights
Team Offbeat | 08 Feb

Offbeat Creative attended the Surface Design Show earlier this week. With over 150 exhibitors, not only did we get an insight into the latest innovative designs, we also dropped into an inspirational seminar by trend and colour experts, Colour Hive Limited.

Profiling four key colour trends, Creative Director Hannah Malein gave an insight into this year’s colour and material trend forecast. She explained how these forecasts will help inspire design concepts and influence material and surface selection for interior design this year. So, what are the concepts?


Idyll examines the importance of ‘home’. In stark contrast to digital and political ideologies, Idyll facilitates a safe, warm, comfortable and familiar space. Utilising soft pastels alongside classic rich tones, Idyll’s colour palette gives a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Associated materials include rattan wicker, patinated brass, bas relief and inlay, suggesting heritage and restraint.


In contrast to Idyll, Kinship rejects the fantasy of home and examines ideas around community and shared living. Kinship challenges traditional values, questioning possessions in favour of freedom and sharing. The playful colour palette pairs zesty greens with salmon pinks, suggesting a sustainable and resourceful way of living. The material palette utilises repurposed plastics, upcycled fabrics, basic materials and flexible furniture.


Mask looks at the way we watch and are watched as well as how we determine what is real and unreal in today’s society. Playing with illusion, concealment and the artificial, Mask uses a cosmetic-based colour palette of soft blush and coral against deep black and brown. Translated to materials, mask encourages tactility utilising cellular structures, leather alternatives and glossy black paintwork, suggesting an overall feminine look and feel.


Representing fun and fantasy, Parade encourages more honesty, creativity and braveness. It is extroverted, eclectic, expressive and daring, utilising bold colours and playful materials. Think saturated, bright colours incorporating innovative paint effects, sparkle and shimmer.

These in-depth colour, material and finish forecasts can help support brand direction, inspire design development and influence material and surface applications for interior design. We can’t wait to get to work and start playing around with some of these innovative ideas and themes.

By Charlotte Phillips

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