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The Surface Design Show 2018
Team Offbeat | 09 Feb

This week Offbeat Creative had the pleasure of visiting The Surface Design Show at London’s Business Design Centre. Here’s an insight into some of the most exciting new materials on the design scene and a look into the latest trends.

Organic Surfaces

Although sustainable, eco-friendly approaches have been at the forefront for some time, designers are now developing innovative ways to use the Earth’s natural materials. An example being to combine humble recycled resources with finer materials to create luxury materials from the everyday. This idea of adding value to something worthless can be seen in Marjolein Stappers, ‘Osterplat’ – an engineered marble containing discarded oyster shells. The result is not only a beautiful and original material but it also cleverly highlights consumerism’s sustainability issues.


Metallic and mirrored surfaces are everywhere at the moment. Whether polished, tarnished, rusty or brushed, metallic, in one way or another, can be the perfect accompaniment to any interior design solution. Metalier, a company who supplies and distributes a metal coating is taking this trend to the next level. Available as a solvent, water-based or flexible coating, the metal can be sprayed or painted to almost any substrate. With the ability to achieve an endless variety of metal textures and finishes, Metalier can create beautifully bespoke and interesting surface designs.

Three Dimensional

Overall, there is a clear emphasis on three dimensional and textured surfaces. Many designers are playing with form and exploring the limitless ways to create decorative pattern.  Designers leading the way with this concept are STAC Architecture. Their ‘STACtile’ is a single-design, 3D tile which can be positioned in various ways to create unlimited compositions. The effect plays with geometric form to create shadow and illusion – the results are stunning.

Get yourself down to the Business Design Centre for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of 2018’s most inspiring and innovative surface designs. We are certainly inspired!

By Charlotte Anderson

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