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The Power of Social Media for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 16 Feb

Instagram currently has approximately 800 million users whilst Facebook has a massive 2.07 billion! These figures are not to be ignored. It is more important than ever to utilise the reach of social media and continue to promote your brand. Here’s how your coffee shop could benefit.

Online Presence

Social media is an important part of your coffee shop’s online presence. It reinforces your brand and improves your chances of generating and building customer loyalty. Recommendations from high profile bloggers and honest comments can reach millions, allowing customers to virtually check out a brand before committing. This makes it even more imperative that your social media platforms are up to scratch.


Communicating directly to your customers allows for a more intimate and personal relationship and we can’t stress enough the importance of engaging with your customer base regularly. According to the latest Nisbets Pulse Survey, 68% of those surveyed had a social media audience of between 250 and 10,000, proving it to be the perfect place to promote your coffee shop. Utilise this reach by building a two-way, mutual relationship. Posting competitions and encouraging post-shares and likes will ultimately build exposure and engagement.


The content you are posting on social media is vitally important. Consider sharing posts which reflect your brand ethos and values as well as its personality and character. Starting conversations regarding current food trends or topical subjects as well as sharing business views will help to grab attention. Another simple way to keep your audience interested is by sharing menu developments and improvements. Pointing out where and how you source your ingredients alongside tempting food photos, will guaranty to keep your customers engaged.

By Charlotte Anderson

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