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The Importance of Brand Identity in Interior Design
Team Offbeat | 23 May

Having a strong brand identity before exploring interior design is an important step, not only does the branding direct which path the interior design will take but it also reinforces and strengthens your company message. Here we look at why it’s important to integrate brand identity into interior design.


A company’s brand is what makes them unique and stand out; getting this right is the first step to any successful design. Extensive research into target markets, customer expectations and consumer trends is key in correctly identifying which direction the design will take to make a lasting impression and successful brand.

Translating your brand into interior design

Translating the visual brand such as logo design, font choices and colour schemes into a brand experience is essential in establishing a recognisable identity. The visual branding alongside brand experience are equally important and Interior design helps bring everything together. Integrating the original concept, interior graphics, lighting and furnishings will help create an overall rich customer experience.

Of course, good interior design is practical and functional but do not think of it as separate from the overall brand experience. Use it as a way of reaffirming your idea, identifying assets using colour, tone and materials for strategic intention. Bringing brands to life in spaces allows customers to enjoy experiences hence generate success for your company. Create a dialogue with customers, good interior design can communicate with people, by using this language you can capture attention and translate your brand message. It’s really about engaging with people, giving your brand a human element and keeping people interested.

By Charlotte Anderson

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