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The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee
Team Offbeat | 06 Sep

Here at Offbeat Creative, designing coffee shops is thirsty work and we’ve got coffee on the brain!

Coffee is currently one of the world’s most commonly consumed drinks with Britons drinking over 55 million cups a day. With so many reports available on the benefits of coffee consumption, we have gathered together the most important and relevant information. Here’s an insight into the best bits.

The largest study into coffee drinking by the Imperial College London and the University of Southern California suggests that drinking coffee moderately (up to three cups a day) increases our life expectancy. The research has shown that higher coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of death and is specifically connected to improving circulatory and digestive diseases. Not just that, coffee can also help play a role in cancer prevention, can help to combat insulin resistance, lower inflammation and improve liver function.

When it comes to athletic performance, caffeine can help increase oxygen consumption during exercise with reports showing an improved performance by as much as 12%. Research also suggests that coffee can assist the body to burn fat as it helps to boost metabolic rate.

Thanks to its stimulating ingredients, coffee can help decrease the feeling of tiredness and increase energy levels. When caffeine is consumed, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream and travels to the brain where it stimulates neurons which can help improve memory, energy and cognitive function.

Whilst, of course, there are some negatives to coffee consumption, it does seem clear that for the average person, coffee can have many positive health effects. At Offbeat Creative we love coffee and have a real passion for designing beautiful coffee shops. With all the added health benefits, we are just about ready for our next cup… doctor’s order!

By Charlotte Anderson

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