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The Future of The Cuppa?
Team Offbeat | 31 Jan

PG Tips and Lipton could be sold by Unilever as black tea continues to fall out of fashion in the UK. The firm is currently reviewing its tea business following a slowdown of sales, with profits plunging by a third in 2019.

According to research by Kantar, Brits are drinking 870 million fewer cups of black tea. The humble brew has been shunned by a younger generation of consumers preferring coffee and fashionable herbal teas. The research shows spending on speciality tea is up 4.2% with herbal tea now worth £52 million and cold infusions worth £11.2 million.

Young experience-seeking consumers are turning away from the standard cuppa for more upmarket brews. Teas promoting a ‘good night’s sleep’ or ‘energy boosting’ are more in-line with the current demand for ‘wellness’ products. In a response to innovate, manufacturers are launching new product lines, such as cold infusions, as well as teas designed especially for drinking with non-diary milk.

Despite the question over Lipton’s future, tea is still the nation’s favourite drink with more than 100 million cups consumed daily. Whatever the outcome, be sure to stay a step ahead of your competitors by keeping up-to-date with the latest tea innovations.

One brand doing just that is Tag Drinks based in Eastcote, London. Check out their innovative range of ‘Tag Tea Lattes’, a tea shot with frothy milk for a rich and warming brew. Or, indulge in their extensive range of loose leaf teas. You’ll find everything from Mango Sencha to Jasmine Dragon Pearls! Sounds Tea-rrific!

It must be about time for a brew?!

By Charlotte Phillips

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