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Surface Design Trends for Hospitality 2017
| 14 Mar

The beginning of the year is always an exciting time as this is when the latest trends in materials, surfaces and colours are revealed. With the Surface Design Show having just passed, we take a look at the next big surface trends to expect in coffee shops and restaurants this year:

1) The Year of Marble

2017 has been noted as the year of marble, falling right into place with the continued natural trend of ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’. Marble’s fluid and organic veining serves well to inject extra character and personality into your coffee shop or restaurant interior design. The strong and durable material can be used to create stand-out statement flooring and feature walls.

Among the many variations and styles of marble, blue-veined marble is expected to be one of the rising trends making for an unusual twist from traditional monotone varieties.

2) Geometric and Optical Patterns

Geometric and optical patterns are still a key design trend in 2017. Contrasting colour combinations and bold shapes can transform any wall or flooring into a stand-out statement piece. Coffee shop and restaurant owners could utilise attention-grabbing patterns to draw in consumers and direct guests around the space.

3) Textured

Textured surfaces have proven to be a popular trend in recent years and have shown no signs of dying down. Exposed surfaces with heavy texture and extruding depths can introduce character into an interior space and play well to engage with consumers’ senses.  Popular materials include stone, brick and concrete, all of which relate back to another favourited trend – the industrial-look.

4) Rustic and Aged

Rustic surfaces with a reclaimed look were prominent at this year’s Surface Design Show. Implementing aged materials within your coffee shop interior will give the space a vintage feel, creating the appearance of a well-established business. Wooden panels are one of the most suitable materials for creating the rustic-look and can vary greatly in colour and texture.

By Dawood Pathan

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