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Summer Inspiration for Your Coffee Shop Interior Design
Team Offbeat | 19 May

From luscious greenery and earthy tones to atmospheric lighting, here’s the latest on-trend summer inspiration for your coffee shop interior design.


With the good old British weather being as unpredictable as ever, bringing the outside in could well be the next best thing. Not only can large scale, tropical blooms make a bold interior design statement in the hospitality sector, they can also be practical. Air-purifying plants can clean the air by mopping up toxins emitted from everyday items, perfect for tapping into the current health-conscious hipster market. A great example of this is The Olive & Squash Café designed by The London-based architecture studio, Neiheiser Argyros. With a neutral backdrop of cork panelled walls, potted plants and herbs adorn a grid-like metal structure designed to imitate garden trellis – Indoor gardening hasn’t been this hip since the 1970’s!


This humble material is not only a plant pot, but the next big colour trend. As a material, due to its natural earthy tones, it immediately says warmth and honesty replacing current popular cool tones. As a wall colour, we are seeing many bold and sensuous varieties, conjuring images of warm Mediterranean life. In coffee shop design, it can add comforting warmth within a space and the orange base is also said to stimulate appetite, hence the perfect shade for enticing hungry customers.


For the (hopefully) warm summer nights, brighten up an outdoor dining area with atmospheric lighting. Lighting can quite often be neglected but is key in making an outside area an extension of the interior. Festoon lighting draped along fences and across open spaces can illuminate an area without giving off a stark, bright light. Installing strips of low level waterproof LED rope lighting is perfect for highlighting boarders and pathways and helps create a cosy and inviting ambience. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for long summer evenings to enjoy outside.

By Charlotte Anderson

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