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Starbucks & Hubbub Launch £1M Cup Fund
Team Offbeat | 18 Apr

Starbucks and Hubbub have launched a £1 Million environmental campaign to expand and improve paper cup recycling across the UK.

Hubbub, the charity that creates environmental campaigns, has launched The Cup Fund. Financed by Starbucks, the grant fund aims to kickstart paper cup recycling as well as to raise plastic pollution awareness.

In order to make it possible, Starbucks have voluntarily introduced a 5p charge on disposable cups across all of their outlets. Since the introduction, the charge has more than halved the amount of cup waste, with customers instead opting for reusable cups.

With grants of between £50,000 to £100,000, the fund will allow for at least ten large-scale, new recycling projects around the UK. Hubbub aims to provide guidance and advice to the projects in order to help them deliver successful recycling businesses with long-term benefits.

Both Hubbub and Starbucks recognise that recycling is only part of the solution. Although The Cup Fund is a significant step in reducing the environmental impact of single-use disposables, the ultimate goal is to pioneer new ways to encourage more people to drink from reusable cups.

As a coffee shop owner, you can help by encouraging customers to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices. Display reusable cups in your store and offer initiatives such as discounts and special offers for customers who make more responsible choices.

Let’s make a change – happy recycling!

By Charlotte Phillips

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