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Spatial Design for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 11 Jul

Here at Offbeat Creative, we understand how important it is to get coffee shop design right. We also know it’s not just interior design, but the whole customer experience from branding to space navigation which contributes to a successful design.

A well-considered layout will affect how your customers interact with your space. It is vital to get the layout of your coffee shop just right to achieve a smooth in-store experience for your customers. Understanding the brief with clear aims and objectives at the outset is the first crucial step. Implementing these ideas into a design is where our team can truly help to create not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but also a practical space.

Understanding your offering and creating a bespoke design around this will result in a unique catering facility. We recognise that no two venues are the same and each will have different limitations, so whether it’s a relaxed dine-in experience or a fast-paced takeaway establishment, we can tailor the design to meet your specific needs. We are also aware that many coffee shops can often be on the small side, so maximising space with effective ergonomic design is always at the forefront of what we offer.

We also recognize that the right equipment is fundamental in a successful design. Our experienced team know commercial catering equipment inside and out and, as a result, they know the best solution to meet your requirements.

In the catering industry, it’s important to keep up with changing consumer habits and current trends. Our team is always on the lookout for new and innovative design solutions to stay ahead of the game and implement the best design solutions for you.

By Charlotte Anderson

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