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It's all about what's on the inside.

What better way to immerse yourself in a brand than through a physical space?

Your site is for customers to experience your brand first-hand, to make an engaging impact and positive impression. Our research stage explores your site competition and target market, while fully understanding your brand requirements. That means getting to know your industry, products and USP on a personal level through research, site visits and even workshops. We make sure that we really get it, so that our design is deliberate, impactful and engaging for the right reasons.

We look at customerexperience as a multi-sensory opportunity for a brand to make a statement. Seating, lighting, colour and materials form the basis of the visual and tangible aspects of our interior design work, which we explore through intense concept development.

Our approach to the full experience of retail extends to customer and staff flow, retail and point-of-sale opportunities. From industry experience, we factor in the practical side of a commercial interior, advising you along the way on how to further communicate your brand USP.

Our technical team is geared to making sure all of our designs can be successfully implemented, with no hidden surprises. Alongside all concept design work, we can indicate all specifications required of the site.

High street restaurant or market pop-up: let’s make it happen.

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  • Included:
  • - project brief
  • - planning consultation
  • - context studies
  • - market research
  • - layout design
  • - visualisation
  • - customer experience
  • - lighting design
  • - seating design
  • - technical drawings
  • - accessories guidelines
  • - signage artwork
  • - specifications