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Let's build strong foundations.

Whatever stage your business is at, there is always the opportunity for growth and direction.

Our consultation service is designed to provide bespoke, targeted advice for your brand, outsmarting competition and taking full advantage of what you have to offer. It means 100% focus on you, integrating expert and objective analysis while generating a relationship with your business on a personal level.

We work across business and marketing sectors to advise you on your current and projected requirements, covering interests from product development, to staff and customer flow analysis, to planning application consultation. It could even be as timely as brand launch planning, or a much-needed fresh outlook on your marketing strategy.

Our HALF-DAY and FULL-DAY consultation packages are arranged on-site at your convenience. Based on your enquiry, we timetable your session so you can know exactly what to expect, leaving you feeling confident for your next step forward.

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  • Included:
  • - product advice
  • - staff & customer flow
  • - planning application
  • - packaging consultation
  • - barista training
  • - brand launch planning
  • - in-store event planning
  • - marketing strategy