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Restaurant Design – The Importance of a Successful Website
Team Offbeat | 18 Jul

The purpose of design is communication and your website is your number one portal in communicating with your customers. We take a look at how you can use your website design to your advantage, turning online visits into guaranteed customers.

The Purpose of Your Website

In order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, every business must have an online presence. Your website should serve two purposes; to provide information and to attract business. Provide your customers not only with a functional website where they can retrieve all necessary information, but also with an aesthetically pleasing website that entices and provides the foundation to create a positive relationship with your audience.

Key Information to Include

It is essential that your customers can view and navigate your website easily without unnecessary hassle. When customers are out and about and are browsing via their mobile phones, it’s essential to keep things as simple as possible. Firstly, your logo should be predominate alongside a clear company mission statement. Your website is the ideal platform to push your USP, so be sure to promote what you’re good at. It may be obvious to you, but it pays to be as transparent as possible.

Ask yourself: What would I want to know as a visiting customer? This will make it as easy as possible to decide on the necessary pages that you require. For example, ‘Home/About’, ‘Location/Contact’, ‘Menu’, ‘Order/Reservation’. A painless and enticing website will ultimately result in increased business. Showcasing your menu and prices is key to allow customers to make an informed decision.

The Importance of Reviews

One third of all restaurant sales are driven by research. Many people check reviews online before visiting a new restaurant. Make your reviews easy to access and include a simple request and link for people to leave their comments. Integrating social media features with links to your social media accounts and social sharing buttons will help you to gain brand exposure and increase your popularity.

The Importance of Imagery

Alongside the obvious information, it is equally important to present visually stimulating imagery to support your brand identity. Tempting visuals and photography will have a positive impact on the overall feel of your website design and will allow customers to get a real feel for the type of   dining experience to expect and to gain an insight into your menu offering. You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you do it well.

By Charlotte Anderson

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