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Packaging for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 20 Oct

Partly due to the success of food delivery apps and the advances of technology, we have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity for takeaway food. This has encouraged operators and manufacturers to be more creative and innovative with packaging design. Here, we highlight the importance of design, performance and sustainability for your coffee shop and food-to-go disposables.


According to the Global Fast-Casual Restaurants Market Report, over the next five years packaging will be one of the most notable trends for food-to-go businesses to consider. Due to the increase in the number of online orders and home deliveries, it is critical that disposables perform well. It is important to select the right packaging for specific offerings. Does the packaging need to be leak proof? Does it have to keep your products crispy? Considering these things is an integral first step in choosing the right packaging for your establishment.


Packaging often exists as the first point of contact between your customer and your brand so make the design count. Research by Dotcom Distribution revealed that 4 out of 10 consumers would share an image of an online delivery via social media if it came in unique packaging. Don’t underestimate the power of the millennial generation to promote your brand via social media. The foodie/selfie phenomenon is rapidly growing and so we can’t stress enough the importance of quality packaging design. Creative and innovative packaging will encourage social sharing and therefore free advertising opportunities.


The downside of the popularity of the food-to-go sector is the unavoidable waste it creates. According to Mintel, a top key trend to influence consumers is eco-friendly packaging and, in the coming years, innovations in biodegradable and sustainable packaging are predicted to be at the forefront of design. The research suggests that consumers react strongly and positively towards establishments that use local or ethical supply chains for their produce. By investing in eco-friendly packaging, you are demonstrating your commitment to sustainability as well as to your customers.

Overall, it’s important to consider practicality as well as appearance when considering packaging, choosing disposables that reflect your brands image as well as its values.

By Charlotte Anderson

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