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Offbeat Rebrands Assenheims’ New Smithfield Site
| 13 Dec

Offbeat Creatives gives South American restaurant, Assenheim56, a complete rebrand and fresh interior design concept for their new site in Smithfield, Central London.

We recently completed a fresh rebrand and interior design for Assenheims’ new site in Smithfield, Central London. The South American restaurant’s new brand identity combines vintage elements that celebrate the heritage of South America through striking graphics and an uplifting interior design.

Assenheims’ rebrand included the creation of bespoke artwork inspired by South America. The artwork characterises the interior design and highlights key areas of service from the bar and kitchen to the main dining zones.

Table Graphic

To celebrate and promote the main menu items, we designed a custom table graphic inspired by vintage train tickets. Each ticket adopts a collection of antique-style typefaces combined with vibrant colours to highlight some of Assenheims’ most popular dishes.

Wall Artwork

Tailored wall graphics cover the back walls of both the kitchen and bar area to further evoke character within the space. A typographic collage consisting of menu items stretches the length of the kitchen whilst a street scape graphic sits comfortably behind a sophisticated shelving unit as part of the bar design.

Hand-Painted Mural

To make a bold statement, we contracted a professional artist to hand paint a 7-metre long wall mural featuring wildlife, people and famous landmarks of South America. The striking art piece sits as a centrepiece within the dining area and exists to create a memorable dining experience.

Interior Design

Assenheims’ interior design accommodates both daytime and evening trade. The general interior design uses a mixture of materials such as warm woods, green gloss tiles and beautifully patterned vinyl flooring. Plum and olive coloured fabrics highlight individual and bench seating with a captivating drop-down ceiling display in the form of 4 panels overlooking the centre of the space.

By Dawood Pathan

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