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Offbeat Designs Independent Dessert Parlour ‘Papa’s Crêpes’
Team Offbeat | 30 Nov

Offbeat Creative jumped at the opportunity to create an upbeat brand identity and interior design for independent, Basildon-based crêperie.

The brief was to create a brand identity to suggest the fresh, quality-driven offering, but more importantly, to reflect the personality of our client’s late father, whom the brand was named in honour of. Papa’s Crepes oozes positivity with a fun and playful energy, appealing particularly to the younger target market.

When handed a photograph of ‘Papa’, the team set to work to create a logo design that reflected Papa’s kind, compassionate and caring personality.  Care was taken to design a visual identity that not only represents a true likeness, but also suggests a personable, welcoming and authentic brand image.


With Pop Art influences, the logo features a monoline, hand-drawn design. The blocky style suggests a positive and punchy brand with quirky character.


Purposely steering away from anything too sweet (which can easily alienate customers) the bold colour palette cleverly suggests a dessert offering without being too ‘sickly’. The contemporary turquoise makes for an eye-catching logo, suggestive of a sweet yet fresh offering.

Holding Shape

To bring the whole design together, we introduced a soft, circular holding shape.  Suggestive of community and unity, a circular shape subliminally projects a positive emotional message.

Additional Tagline

For marketing purposes, we suggested an additional tagline to be used across all mediums. Short and sweet, ‘Freshly Handcrafted’ encapsulates Papa’s Crêpes fresh, casual and honest ethos.

Interior Design

Currently in the design phase, stay tuned for Papa’s Crêpes interior design developments.

We’re sure that Papa’s will be a real hit in Basildon and further afield, as our client has exciting plans to expand in the near future.

By Charlotte Anderson

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