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Offbeat Design Parish Coffee
Team Offbeat | 05 Jul

Situated in the heart of Balham, Ascension Church approached Offbeat to help them design and fit out a coffee shop to be located within their church.

The Brief

Working with the client, the brief was to create a welcoming and inclusive space appropriate for the wider Balham community. The aim was to achieve an inviting space where both church members and local residents could all come together to enjoy a coffee and a chat in a calming environment.

The Brand Design

Working on the creative identity, Offbeat generated a brand design to help promote the church as well as a stand-alone coffee shop. Utilising the church’s well-established, bold brand red colour palette, the logo is visually prominent and makes for a cohesive addition to the church’s identity. The logo incorporates a contemporary sans-serif font alongside a unique, custom-designed icon. Representing a coffee cup, teabag and church spire, the icon cleverly symbolises the inclusive nature of the church.

The Interior Design

Respecting the integrity, age and architecture of the building, the interior design was a challenging yet exciting project to work on. Limitations involving fixtures and fittings to the structure itself were solved using clever, adaptable lighting and zoning solutions. Branded partitions help to divide and zone the open, multifunctional space, whilst ambient floor lamps and fairy lights create a sense of comfort and warmth.

In keeping with the approachable nature of the church, a mixture of warm woods and upholstered seating is used throughout. Industrial-style communal tables and benches encourage customers to mix and interact, achieving an overall friendly and uplifting space.

Be sure to visit Parish Coffee to sample a ‘Bethle-ham & Cheese’ sandwich in restful surrounds.














By Charlotte Phillips

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