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Offbeat Creative Visits Clerkenwell Design Week 2019
Team Offbeat | 24 May


Full of energy and dynamic creativity, Clerkenwell design week is a place where the design world can unite to celebrate the area’s rich and diverse community. Amongst the vast array of exhibitors, we explored the newest furniture, materials, and fixtures, whilst making new connections and contacts within the industry.

On display, we discovered the latest Silicastone range from Panaz. The unique hard surface material, made from recycled waste glass and ceramics offers a range of unique, decorative finishes. Our favourites are these beautiful examples in ocean colour tones of blue and green.





























Workshop – Poster Design

Jumping at the chance to get stuck into a design activity, Offbeat visited a poster design workshop at Shaw Contract, facilitated by Rude Design. Centred around the theme of ‘flow’, the premise was to create a montage using cut-outs from magazines to create a unique and inspiring design.

Considering form, colour and composition, the workshop proved to be a therapeutic experience, facilitating a sense of calm and mindfulness. It was liberating to freely unleash our creativity!





























Talk – Darc Thoughts: Fit for Purpose

Attending a talk by Darc Thoughts, the discussion addressed decorative and purposeful lighting design and considered how both function and form are equally important for bar and restaurant spaces.

A hot topic on the agenda was the prevalence of social media and the effect it has on lighting design. With more and more restaurants using social media as a marketing tool, the ability to take an eye-catching, well-lit photo of food and interior design is becoming increasingly significant.

For example, instead of a light source directly over a table, directional lighting from two sides can greatly improve the appearance of food and drink. Additionally, with increasing rents and businesses wanting to capitalise on all-day opening hours, special attention should be paid to the ways in which lighting transitions from day to night.

With all this food for thought, we are feeling well and truly inspired!

By Charlotte Phillips

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