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Offbeat Creative Visits 100% Design
Team Offbeat | 27 Sep

Showcasing over 400 leading international design brands, Offbeat Creative took the opportunity to check out one of London’s biggest design exhibitions.

With a focus on the future of design, we attended a discussion on retail design with industry experts Theo Williams from Kingfisher and Lara Marrero from Gensler. In an ever-changing technological landscape, the talk touched on what we can expect next from physical and virtual retail spaces.


With retail no longer about physical products alone, focus is on brand engagement. It’s about the relationship a brand has with its audience. Retailers should be re-evaluating the way they operate to re-orientate around customer needs across all mediums – online, mobile, social, virtual and physical.


No longer interested in one-dimensional retail spaces, customers are demanding more engaging interaction and experiences. Whether its tasting sessions, specialist workshops or giveaways, adding another layer creates memorable experiences and ultimately gets people taking and visiting.

Customer needs

Big stores used to be everything to everybody, but that concept is dated. Customers want to be treated as individuals. Retailers should be following customer data, narrowing down information and catering to individuals rather than to the masses. They need to be aware of localities in order to know their customers and build rapport and trust.

One retailer successfully catering to specific customer needs is Topps Tiles. The business has launched ‘Topps Tiles Boutique’ in multiple affluent areas across London. These smaller high street outlets cater to home improvement enthusiasts as opposed to trade professionals only, offering a more intimate shopping experience combining practical inspiration with expert know-how. Utilising digital visualisers, Topps are creating a personalised and engaging customer experience both online and in-store.

By Charlotte Anderson

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