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Offbeat Creative Designs Weza Deli
Team Offbeat | 05 Sep

Offbeat Creative designs the branding and interior for Weza Deli – a high-quality, Portuguese inspired deli in Maida Vale, London.

The Concept

With a successful catering business abroad, our client set out to test the London market and what better way than to open up a local, independent coffee shop and deli in affluent Maida Vale. Without delay, Offbeat set about the entire design process from name generation and logo creation, to layout plan and interior considerations. The result is a natural, relaxed and contemporary design, inspired by the flavours and cultures of Portugal and Angola.

The Brand

Named after our client’s daughter, ‘Weza Deli’ is a unique name and one that feels positive and familiar. The logo adopts a bold principle typeface coupled with a softer tagline font, encased together in a rectangular holding shape to create a contemporary, uplifting and honest brand identity, echoing the core principles and values of the brand. A warm, earthy shad of terracotta is used as the primary brand colour, again inspired by the Mediterranean climate.

The Interior

Utilising an earthy colour palette and natural materials, the interior feels relaxed and inviting to reflect the brand’s approachable personality. Considering the sites contemporary characteristics, a minimal yet considered approach can be seen through the use of light wood, dark counter tops and clean lines. Subtle Portuguese and Angolan hints can be seen in the decorative wall art and accessories, whilst bespoke retail shelving highlights Weza’s fresh, artisanal produce.

The Food

Let’s not forget the food! Offering a range of delicious, high-quality pastries and sandwiches as well as Portuguese salads, tarts and delicacies, there’s enough choice for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Weza Deli for a taste of the Med in a welcoming and uplifting setting.

By Charlotte Anderson

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