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Offbeat Creative Designs GB Kebab!
Team Offbeat | 04 Oct

In desperate need of a brand and shop redesign and refurbishment, Offbeat Creative were appointed to create a cohesive brand identity and interior design for kebab shop, GB Kebab.

The Brief

Based in Surrey Quays, the established and successful operation had been serving loyal customers since 1999. With the history of the site and the clients brief in mind, Offbeat set about creating a contemporary and inviting brand identity.

The Logo

The vibrant logo utilises a bold and zesty colour palette making for an eye-catching and memorable design. The logo format and stripe detail subtly suggest a retro style whilst the italic typeface feels energetic to suggest a fast-pace operation. Used with or without its holding shape, the logo can be used flexibly across marketing material and uniform.


The Interior Design

The interior design incorporates a mixed material palette of concrete, wood and gloss tiles, promoting the fast-paced, casual nature of the business. A playful, custom-designed wall graphic highlights the delicious menu and lively brand personality. Overall, the space is clean, fresh and uplifting, perfect for a busy, takeaway operation.

The Exterior Design

With plenty of curb side appeal, the dark shopfront contrasts confidently with the brand yellow, resulting in a bold and intriguing design. Additionally, the illuminated logo situated on the front counter helps to draw customers directly into the shop.The final result feels energetic, upbeat and contemporary, giving GB Kebab a new lease of life!

By Charlotte Phillips

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