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Offbeat Creative Designs Coffee By The Arch
| 07 Apr

Coffee By The Arch (CBTA) is an independent artisan coffee shop based in Lincoln and is one of our most recent brand and interior design projects. Here’s a little about the process of CBTA’s branding and the inspiration behind the design.

Based in Lincoln, Coffee By The Arch is a new independent artisan coffee shop located nearby the famous Newport Arch. The client required a complete brand and interior design to feel contemporary and to reflect their quality offering: espresso-based drinks, teas and light food.


Following the client’s brief, we designed the brand by drawing inspiration from the history of Lincoln. The brand colours consist of a dark navy blue and bright orange which help to give the brand a contemporary feel. As we also wanted the brand to feel established, we used a series of handcrafted and vintage-style typefaces. The use of the circular stamp holding shape unites all the elements together and makes the logo versatile for use across different mediums.

CBTA’s branding also includes a collection of bespoke illustrations as supporting artwork. Our designers created a series of hand-drawn illustrations based upon the three famous Lincoln monuments: Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and, of course, the Newport Arch. The illustrations adopt a rustic aesthetic which relates back to the history of the town. The illustrations were implemented across their marketing material, including on coffee cups and loyalty cards.

Interior Design

As well as the branding, we also designed the interior for CBTA which adopts an industrial theme. The interior design features a mix of exposed brick work, large industrial pendants and a collection of cosy, mismatch seating. However, the main centrepiece of the interior design is the front counter dressed in brushed copper sheets with the surrounding area accented with metal shelving.

Given the lack of natural light into the shop, the use of spotlights help to highlight the main customer/staff routes and to create a moody and enticing ambience.

Next time you’re in Lincoln, be sure to pop in for a coffee!

By Dawood Pathan

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