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Offbeat Creative Design Hatter House Café
Team Offbeat | 26 Apr

Offbeat Creative are excited to announce the opening of Hatter House Café – an independent coffee shop based in the heart of Bristol City Centre.

Considering the clean and contemporary brand design, our interior brief was to create a premium yet casual space to suggest quality and craftmanship.

Our client requested to retain the existing graffiti wall mural that he acquired with the site. The interior concept therefore centred around this unique art piece by the infamous Nick Walker. The urban material palette of concrete and slate perfectly complement the graffiti, whilst the subdued colour palette helps to highlight the colourful, contrasting art work.

Targeting local residents, tourists, young professionals and students, the interior is designed to appeal to a range of customers. The use of warm, natural wood and upholstered seating helps to create a welcoming space for both locals and tourists to sit and relax. Additionally, the mature colour palette of dark blue and grey suggests a professional and mature space, ideal for studying and meeting with clients.

Complementing the rich history of the site which was once a Hattery, bowler-hat light pendants create a statement feature, whilst bespoke, hat-maker shelving units reflect the artisanal produce on offer.

Overall, the interior is established and confident and reflects the craftmanship of the offering at Hatter House Café. It also provides the perfect spot to grab a coffee on the go or to unwind after a long, busy week.

By Charlotte Phillips

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