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Offbeat Creative Attends the Restaurant Design Show 2016
| 30 Sep

Offbeat Creative took an afternoon off to visit the Restaurant Design Show, an industry event held at ExCel London. The show is ideal for businesses and creatives working within the hospitality sector and provides a platform to showcase the latest trends and innovations. 

This year’s Restaurant Design Show featured 120 suppliers including equipment, packaging, signage and digital products alongside a series of inspirational talks by leading industry professionals. Offbeat Creative attended several seminars throughout the afternoon with topics concerning the importance of a focused design brief, story-telling and ‘An Appetite for Art’. Some of the most influential figures speaking at the show included Neil Whitehead, Stephen Garrett and Helen Hughes.

Neil Whitehead, founder of Stuff International Design, spoke of the importance for restaurants and bars to tell their story, through their branding and interior design, to engage with their consumer and to create critical bonds. Neil used the example of Camden-based restaurant Hungerdog and their quirky use of energetic street art alongside Boom Burger who serve a taste of Jamaica inspired by ‘grandma’s recipes’. Both concepts share their story through different mediums and have given each establishment a unique selling point.

Stephen Garrett’s ‘Appetite for Art’ seminar covered a vital point in which we, as designers, should involve artists from the start of projects rather than as an after thought, in order to create a fuller and more emotive visual identity. Stephen worked on the branding for the Beast restaurant and spoke of the different creative processes and technology he used to create the 1-tonne bronze bear sculpture. CNC machines and 3D printing were some of the technologies Stephen spoke highly about alongside the artistic movements, Baroque and Roccoco, which inspired his designs.

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Helen Hughes, who has 20 years of experience spread between fashion, film and interior design, spoke deeply about the significance of having a focused and well-defined design brief. Helen shared her design studio’s way of practice including the design of concepts inspired solely from history and geography rather than trends, which gave her restaurant and bar designs a very distinguished and unique feel. Some of Helen’s most notable clients have included the Barbican and The Farmer’s Club.

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The Restaurant Design Show covered all aspects from awe-inspiring interior design and branding to innovative technologies and the importance of art. The show provided a vital insight into the ways in which we, as designers, can develop and enhance our working methods and on the importance of utilising technology and our raw artistic talent to produce more bespoke concepts and ideas.

By Dawood Pathan

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