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Offbeat Creative Attends Restaurant & Bar Design Talk at Iberica
| 22 Nov

Offbeat Creative had the pleasure of attending the last of this year’s Restaurant and Bar Design (RBD) talks. The talk was led by Iberica director, Marcos Fernandez Pardo, and the interior designer behind the award-winning restaurant, Lázaro Rosa-Violán. See below for our highlights:

A number of industry professionals including interior designers, lighting manufacturers and architects came together for the last of the RBD talks of 2016. The talk, held at Iberica Victoria, gave guests an insight into the design of the award-winning Spanish restaurant in Central London.

Iberica’s Victoria site stretches across two floors and has been designed to imitate the atmosphere and environment of a family home. The Victoria site makes use of vintage and home-style décor including reclaimed wooden doors, worn pots and pans and cases of antique-looking keys. Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the interior designer behind Iberica Victoria, spoke of how the keys hold a metaphorical meaning in a way that they ‘open’ the doors to lead to new spaces.

The lighting has been carefully considered with a range of pendants, bulbs and wall lamps used to create a relaxed and complimentary ambience. Marcos, managing director of Iberica, spoke of how the space should become a theatre and the lighting helps to achieve this. The aim is to create a space where customers feel special and attractive. Customers visit Iberica for more than the food; it is all about the experience.

Marcos went on to discuss the importance of designing the back of house first and foremost. When questioned on this approach, Marcos spoke of the importance of staff having an effective and efficient working space and how this impacts on customer service and quality.

There are now eight Iberica restaurants in total. The Glasgow site is the most recent to open in September of this year. “We do a lot of research before we choose a site” says Marcos. “Each of our sites appeal to a certain type of customer. Canary Wharf appeals to the business professionals who are after a more aggressive and quick lunch whereas Marylebone caters to those looking for more of a relaxed meal”.

By Dawood Pathan

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