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Offbeat Creative are Proud to Announce The Opening of Coffee at 412!
Team Offbeat | 10 Nov

Coffee at 412, has been receiving excellent reviews since opening its doors to the public last week.  Offbeat Creative seized the opportunity to work on the interior design concept for this coffee shop based in the picturesque village of Warlingham, South London. The aim was to create a versatile, relaxing and uplifting ambience whilst injecting an element of luxury and indulgence into the design.

The Colour Palette

A rich and inky shade of blue is used throughout the interior to help create a sumptuous yet restful ambience. This is offset by a contrasting tone of cooling spearmint to help create a fresh and invigorating space. Subtle hints of copper are used through light fittings and accessories to add a warm glow to the cool colour palette. The overall effect is inviting, sophisticated and elegant.

The Tiles

We adopted an authentic Victorian tile design to compliment the traditional, charming characteristics of Warlingham village. Covering a vast area behind the counter, the tiles help to create an illusion of space whilst achieving a warm and welcoming impression. The charcoal tiles add interest through their delicate and intricate pattern, stroking a balance between traditional and contemporary.

The Furnishings

A mixture of walnut wood seating alongside the decorative counter fascia panelling, exposed brickwork and copper lighting pendants give Coffee at 412 an opulent edge. The custom made shelving unit in a warm wooden tone helps finish the counter area creating a unique coffee shop design.

Appealing to professionals, locals and families, Coffee at 412 has a local, friendly and approachable ambience. The atmosphere is calm and inviting but equally uplifting and invigorating – perfect for that relaxing afternoon cuppa.

By Charlotte Anderson

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