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New Brand Identity Roll Out For S.K.V.P
Team Offbeat | 27 Jun

Following our recent redesign of Indian street food concept ‘Shree Krishna Vada Pav’ in Slough, Offbeat Creative translates the new brand identity and interior design concept across to their sister site in Harrow.

The Brand Identity

Following the unstoppable success of the vegetarian street food chain, S.K.V.P approached Offbeat Creative to help with the redesign of their brand and interior. Inspired by the streets of Mumbai and serving delicious Indian snacks and small plates, S.K.V.P’s new brand design reflects vibrant, Indian culture and authentic flavours.

The Interior Design

Offbeat Creative wanted to translate S.K.V.P’s colourful and casual concept through to the interior design. Natural materials, charming wall graphics and an iconic, custom built street cart all help to create a sense of warm nostalgia, whilst the bright colour palette suggests an energised, street-food eatery. The fast-paced, friendly service and playful interior design come together to create a truly unique dining experience.

The Harrow Site

For instant recognisability and dominance in the casual dining sector, it was important to implement a consistent identity between sites. The interior finishes have largely remained consistent in relation to the Slough site, utilising the same brand colours and material selection.

An additional consideration was Harrow’s outdoor dining area. This offered a great opportunity to design a striking, enticing shop front to attract potential customers. Offbeat also designed a new comprehensive menu design, to be introduced across all sites. This, along with all marketing communications, promotional and sales materials, digital templates, signage and packaging now consistently reflect the brand’s uplifting personality and ethos

By Charlotte Anderson

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