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Mouth-Watering Dessert Trends – Summer 2018
Team Offbeat | 23 May

We check out the latest dessert trends enticing Londoners to ditch the ‘bikini diets’ and enjoy the sunshine with a nice cold ice cream! Here are just a few ideas to give your coffee shop dessert offering a boost this summer.

Ice Cream Macarons

Macarons are back and bigger than ever. The trend this time around is for ‘Ice Cream Macaron Sandwiches’! ‘Yolkin’, an Asian inspired ice cream shop in Soho are tapping into this new craze. In view of the current food-waste reduction movement, ‘Yolkin’ creatively and ethically utilise the egg yolks (which would otherwise be discarded) to make delicious ice cream fillers for their Macarons – genius!

Alcoholic Ice Cream

Strictly adult-only, ice cream brand ‘Cheers’ have created a selection of sensational boozy ice creams. With no artificial additives and using only top quality alcohol as well as locally-sourced ingredients, the ice creams range from 5.8% to 8.9% abv and truly pack-a-punch! Try a refreshing ‘Mojito’ made using premium white rum and organic limes or, for something a little more indulgent, try the ‘Chocolate Espresso Martini’ – a rich blend of organic chocolate with vanilla vodka and coffee liqueur – just go easy, it gives new meaning to the ‘ice cream headache’!

Vegan Desserts

With the recent rise in demand for vegan alternatives, restaurants are thinking more creatively about vegan-friendly desserts. ‘Redemption’ is one such restaurant which claims to be the world’s healthiest bar and restaurant. Serving up vegan, sugar-free and wheat-free food, socialising no longer has to be at the expense of your health. Long gone are the days of a measly fruit salad – think ‘Key Lime Cheesecake’ made using avocado and cashew cream and ‘Banoffee Pie’, complete with sticky date salted caramel and coconut yogurt cream – yum!

Get creative this summer and start experimenting with your dessert offering to entice those potential customers looking for a unique treat.

By Charlotte Anderson

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