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Mother’s Day Coffee Shop Offering
Team Offbeat | 09 Mar

Mother’s Day Coffee Shop Offering

Girl power is in full swing this week with International Women’s Day on Thursday and Mother’s Day this weekend. From afternoon tea to personal gifts and special promotions, here’s how your coffee shop can market itself this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s day is one of the busiest days of the year for dining out with an estimated 1.4 billion spent in the UK – this statistic is not to be ignored! One of Britain’s finest traditions, afternoon tea is the perfect way to incorporate the spirit of Mother’s Day into your coffee shop offering. The quintessentially British affair strikes the perfect balance of fine dining with a casual and relaxed ambience – think smoked salmon sandwich fingers, scones with clotted cream and delicate pastries. What Mum doesn’t love afternoon tea?!


Mother’s Day is the perfect time for a coffee shop promotion and special offers can make treating ‘Mum’ that little bit easier. Deals such as, ‘2 for 1’, or, ‘A Free Bun For Your Mum’, are great ways to attract customers to your shop whilst showing some appreciation for all those wonderful women out there.


A small selection of Mother’s Day-themed gifts and cards can be a great way to get in the spirit this weekend – whether it’s a quirky mug, a cute greeting card or her favourite flavoured tea. For all those who may have (God forbid) forgotten Mother’s Day, these quick-purchase solutions are a great way to increase profits as well as customer loyalty.

So what’s stopping you? Every mother deserves to be spoilt this Mother’s Day!

By Charlotte Anderson

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