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Interior Inspiration for Your Coffee Shop Design 2017
| 28 Apr

From space-inspired materials to loose floral fabrics, here are three inspiration interior themes to help achieve a unique character for your coffee shop design:

1) Celestial

The industrial trend – popular amongst coffee shops and restaurants – could take a futuristic approach this year with materials inspired by space. Think heavily textured surfaces mimicking the shape of craters and ceramic tiles infused with gas-like patterns. The futuristic theme is set to retain metals from the industrial trend, adding more metallic finishes to achieve a hip ‘space punk’ aesthetic.

2) Botanical

The natural and rustic look is still one of the most popular interior design trends within hospitality establishments. And this year, the theme looks to focus more on plant life. Think loose floral fabrics and botanical digital prints combined with a muted colour palette including ochre, olive and salmon. The botanical theme is perfect for coffee shops or restaurants focused on organic offerings although can equally appeal to pubs and bars looking for a quirky, vintage look.

3) Mineral

In contrast to the botanical theme, earthy materials and colour palettes are equally on-trend across coffee shop interior design. Stones such as marble, granite and crystal make for head-turning statement pieces and can be accented with textural patterns and shimmering surfaces. Meanwhile, a colour palette of soft blues, greys and browns help to add sophistication. This mineral-inspired theme can be described as the link between nature and digital, a trendy alternative to the sci-fi Celestial theme.

By Dawood Pathan

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