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Interior Design Trends, July 2017
Team Offbeat | 27 Jun

From faux finishes to mixed patterns, we take a look at some of July’s hottest interior design trends to brighten up your coffee shop design.

Faux Finishes

Designers are implementing faux materials for a budget friendly alternative to luxurious materials. Often more practical and reliable than their authentic form, faux materials can add a sense of grandeur and glamour without the hefty cost implications. Engineered marble and wood are perfect examples of on-trend faux materials which can withstand heat better and not rot or bow like the original materials. Faux leather counters and faux foliage can add interest to your coffee shop design, giving a sophisticated and stylish impression.

Mixed Patterns

Be brave and mix up patterns to add unique and fun interest to your coffee shop design. Experimenting with pattern can create a vibrant, quirky ambience making customers feel happier and more at ease. From eclectic exotic prints patterned with large ferns to decorative geometric motifs, it’s all about fun, whimsical escapism and youthful energy.


Entice customers away from their flat computer screens and into your coffee shop with tactile textures. In our overly digital lifestyles, fundamentally we all crave connection and engagement: we desire to experience with all our senses. Your coffee shop can exist as a welcome alternative to staring at a flat mobile phone by adding contrast in textures and materials. Pleating and folding in fabrics can create a cosy textural setting, evoking a desire to connect and bond with each other over a hot cup of coffee.

By Charlotte Anderson

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