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Interior Design Trends for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 25 Aug

In preparation for autumn 2017, we explore interior design trends that will have your coffee shop looking stylish and up-to-date. From relaxing shades of teal to funky geometric tiles, here’s a look at some upcoming trends for your coffee shop design.


Teal is a warm, atmospheric and up-lifting tone which is a shade somewhere between turquoise and blue. Its restorative and rejuvenating qualities which promote a feeling of balance and calm are ideal for coffee shop design. Balanced with fresh whites and pale woods, teal is a great colour to use to suggest relaxation and regain equilibrium after a hectic day. This said, too much of one colour can create an overwhelming feeling, so consider using it as a feature wall or accessorising in pops of teal throughout your coffee shop.

Geometric Tiles

Working well in both modern and traditional designs, geometric tiles can be adaptable and versatile. Concentrated to small areas, they can add subtle detail or when used over a bigger area, they can help maximise space and create zones. Brightly coloured designs can make a bold statement, creating eye-catching feature walls or vibrant splash-backs. From repeated triangles to hexagon shapes, more simplistic geometric designs can create a stylish, minimal impression due to their clean and crisp appeal. Use geometric tiles to help inject a cheerful ambience into your coffee shop interior design.


Panelling applied to walls is becoming increasingly popular to help create the impression of an established coffee shop. For a country-look, tongue and groove can create a vintage feel whilst traditional board and batten implies extravagance and grandeur. Giving an antique impression, wall panelling can be used in your coffee shop concept to help create drama and add characterful charm.

By Charlotte Anderson

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