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Interior Design Inspiration for Your Coffee Shop
Team Offbeat | 20 Feb

Considering opening a coffee shop and need some interior design inspiration? We’ve had a look into a few key trends that will have your coffee shop looking sharp and feeling fresh. Here’s how to get the look:

Industrial (Still Going Strong!)

A ‘warehouse look’ combining contemporary grey tones and utilitarian objects can result in a cool, contemporary and functional interior design concept for your coffee shop. An industrial style lends itself well to the popular artisan coffee trend due to its raw, gritty and authentic aesthetic. Think distressed finishes, rough textures and exposed raw materials for that ‘unfinished’ look. Brick-slips can instantly transform an ordinary space into an urban coffee shop, or try layering materials and exposing pipework to create the desired effect.


The global trend is set to be big this year. Exotic artefacts alongside handcrafted textiles can add intriguing interest to any interior design project. Think organic materials incorporating natural hides, rattan, shells and horns to transport your customers to a faraway place. Team tribal patterns with earthy colours and worn woods for a cosy, intimate and eclectic look. Consider taking interior inspiration from the coffee you serve and its origins. Incorporate authentic Colombian native patterns or Kenyan ornaments to achieve an original and authentic feel.


With a focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian inspired interior design can create a serene coffee shop concept. At a time where we are constantly connected through technology, the Scandinavian, balanced approach to life makes for the perfect antidote. Team a palette of neutral colours with clean lines and natural materials for a calm, stylish and welcoming ambience. Introduce simple Scandinavian elements through the use of unrefined woods and fur rugs to help portray a warm yet spacious coffee shop interior.

By Charlotte Anderson

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