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Interior Design Colour Trends for 2017
| 02 Dec

The end of 2016 sees industry experts predict the next big trends to characterise 2017 including colours, materials and fabrics. Here we will take a closer look at colours that you can expect to find in coffee shops, restaurants and casual diners over the coming year.

Denim Drift

Dulux have revealed ‘Denim Drift’ as the must-have colour of 2017. The timeless grey-blue hue reflects our present desire for simplicity and is set to dominate the interior and fashion world, according to Dulux Colour and Design Trend Expert, Rebecca Williamson.

Restaurants and coffee shops could look to implement Denim Drift for a new and sophisticated look which is simple to understand but at the same time very versatile. Denim Drift pairs well with both dark and light shades of additional blues, with lighter tones creating a stronger impact and darker tones producing more subtle moods.

Read more about Dulux’s ‘colour futures’ here.

Forest Green & Kale

Greens are also predicted to be a big hit this year, particularly ‘Forest Green’ and Pantone’s favoured ‘Kale’. Forest Green focuses more on a bold, fresh and deep hue whereas Kale is a more muted and olive-like shade.

Both colours reflect this year’s desire for nature-inspired environments and positively promote artisan crafts, pairing well with raw materials. Forest Green and Kale are ideal colours for coffee shops and restaurants that offer artisan or organic produce.

Soft Chamomile Yellow

Chamomile Yellow – a soft and calming hue – is expected to be given a trendy new look when combined with cool architectural greys. ‘Ethereal scenery was the inspiration behind this trend’ says Crown Colour Specialist Kathryn Lloyd. The combination of chamomile yellow with muted and monotone colours creates a serene space, ideal for lounges and coffee shops who wish to create a more soothing environment for their consumers.

By Dawood Pathan

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