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Innovative Brand Design
Team Offbeat | 08 Aug

Thinking of updating your coffee shop logo? From architectural inspiration to fuss-free geometry, we take a look at some innovative brand design ideas that will have your coffee shop logo looking great.

Architectural Inspiration

Whilst incorporating architectural landmarks into a logo isn’t a new idea, it is a great way to create a relationship between digital and physical branding. In a digital dominated world, an architectural-based logo design is a good way to give a brand physical presence. What better way to celebrate your coffee shop than by embodying physical site characteristics within the logo. Think about unique qualities or focal points such as skylights or low-beams that could be used as a foundation for a unique and recognisable logo design.


In today’s economic state of uncertainty, a fun logo design can be like a breath of fresh air. Bright, bold colours and quirky illustrations are a great way to introduce an element of light-heartedness into your brand design. Think cute characters and charming patterns for an instantly likeable brand personality. Fun is hard to resist so don’t be shy to get playful with your logo design and leave your customers in good spirits.


There’s a lot to be said for less-is-more. Simple typography and minimal icons are a great way to introduce a fuss-free element to your branding. Minimal logos are not only versatile and transferable, they can create instant impact and are great for legibility. Think minimal, geometric icon design teamed with a clean san serif font for instant recognisability and maximum impact.

By Charlotte Anderson

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