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Indian Street Food Restaurant ‘S.K.V.P’ Branches Out to Slough
Team Offbeat | 08 Dec

Offbeat Creative redesigns S.K.V.P’s branding and interior, all set for their latest site opening in Slough.

Indian Street Food

Londoners have acquired a real taste and love for Indian cuisine since the first Indian restaurant opening over 200 years ago. The traditional curry house has evolved over the years, now manifesting itself predominantly in the form of Indian street food. India’s diverse and adventurous street food scene lends itself perfectly to the UK’s current street food trend providing a modern approach to enjoying those authentic Indian flavours.


S.K.V.P, an acronym for Shree Krishna Vada Pav is an authentic vegetarian Indian street food establishment which aims to bring traditional Mumbai flavours to London. Reflecting the city’s diversity, the food is a tasty mix of delicacies inspired by dishes from all over the country. Its signature dish, ‘vada pav’ is a deep-fried spicy potato filling served in a soft bap, served alongside tangy chutneys and zingy pickles to create an explosive flavour combination. S.K.V.P exists as the perfect spot for Londoners to grab a real taste of Mumbai and to soak up the vibrant Indian culture through the interior and fast paced friendly service.

What Next?

Since its humble beginnings in a small sub-let on Hounslow High Street in 2010, S.K.V.P’s popularity has grown dramatically with two fully operational London restaurants and one more on the way. S.K.V.P has gained popularity and established a loyal customer base in the local area for it’s warm and friendly service and high-quality authentic food offering, so be sure not to miss some of India’s finest street food.

Watch this space for S.K.V.P’s new opening in Slough to check out Offbeat Creative’s fun and innovative branding and interior design. We can barely contain our excitement!

By Charlotte Anderson

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