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How Your Brand Can Make the Most of Social Media
| 04 Nov

Effective use of social media is paramount to building brand awareness and sustaining a positive reputation. It is important to use each social media platform appropriately to push your brand identity in the best way possible. Here are 3 tips on how your brand can make the most of social media:


The three main platforms used by the majority of brands are TwitterInstagram and Facebook. All three networks have different purposes with  Instagram for visual content, Twitter focussed on conversation and Facebook for its heterogeneous user base. Tapping into each of these platforms and using effective marketing strategies can grow your consumer base and increase general brand awareness.

1) Instagram

Instagram focuses heavily on visual content, ideal for sharing your brand story whether through process shots of your latest case study or perhaps behind-the-scenes imagery of your team. Posting content to give an insight into who you are and what your brand is all about will help to create transparency and build trust with your consumers. A large majority of brands tend to use a range of marketing strategies to further increase engagement including exclusive Instagram giveaways, discounts and signing of brand ambassadors.

2) Twitter

Twitter is most commonly used by brands to connect with other businesses and focuses more upon conversation. As Twitter restricts posts to 140 characters, it’s crucial to use thought-provoking words, questions and phrases to attract the attention of other users. Sharing quality content based upon a mixture of your own work, industry blogs and related content from other businesses will create a much stronger brand reputation. In addition, coupling articles, websites and general posts with images will achieve around 94 times more views than text posts.

3) Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform and recently achieved 1.7 billion active users in the third quarter of 2016. Given its diverse user base, Facebook is ideal for promoting virtually any brand. However, if your brand is fairly unestablished then the chances are that its voice will get lost in the crowd. A fast method to reaching your intended target market is to cite and tag existing market influencers within your own content. Following up influencers with an email will help to let them know they’ve been mentioned in your work and may help to widen the spotlight on your brand page.

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By Dawood Pathan

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