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How Virtual Restaurants Can Increase Restaurant Revenue
Team Offbeat | 12 Jul

Delivery giant, Deliveroo, is facilitating ‘virtual restaurants’ to help kitchens develop delivery-only brands without large, upfront investments.

What is a Virtual Restaurant?

Deliveroo is giving existing operators the opportunity to increase revenue by offering a delivery-only menu from their existing kitchen under new branding. Working as brand consultants, Deliveroo use their knowledge, data and insight to help ensure that restaurants are a success from concept to delivery. They offer access to data, including food trend research and details of culinary gaps, as well as provide support with marketing, testing and customer feedback.

The Benefits

With the recent spike in commercial rents and labour costs, virtual restaurants appear to be the natural evolution in the casual dining industry. At a time when the sector is facing economic pressures, virtual restaurants can provide a way to test new food brands with minimal cost or risk.

Offering a range of benefits, these virtual brands can help restaurants to save on food, staffing and waste costs. Additionally, restaurants can boost their businesses through trialling new ideas and menus with limited risk attached. With no need for expensive new premises, businesses can save on overheads as well as increase choice for customers – it’s a win-win situation.

Who’s doing it?

Moshimo, a Brighton based sushi restaurant has jumped on the virtual band wagon offering two new brands – ‘Poke by Moshimo’ and ‘Moshimo Vegan’. Another London restaurant is Texas Joe’s who have branched out by offering a Mexican virtual brand called ‘Queso Dillo’.

Some restaurants that have launched virtual brands this year have seen an increase of over 70% in revenue – so, what’s stopping you?

By Charlotte Anderson

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